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Finnish Environment Institute
P.O. Box 140
FI-00251 Helsinki
Tel. +358 20 610 123

The Finnish Meteorological Institute
P.O. Box 503
FI-00101 Helsinki
+358 19 291

Ministry of the Environment
P.O. Box 35
Tel +358 20 610 100

Baltic Sea Portal content into new locations 1.1.2015 >,,,,

The researchvessel Aranda. Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki.New and Current

» Sea level 
» The State of the Baltic Sea -brochure
» The Gulf of Finland Year 2014
» New information pakage: The Baltic Sea, Environment and Ecology


Baltic Sea Press Releases

Baltic Sea Portal content integrated into other online services 14.11.2014
Communications related to the Baltic Sea will be renewed at the beginning of 2015. The content of the Baltic Sea Portal that is maintained in... (SYKE, FMI)
Toxins produced by a harmful planktonic microalgae accumulate in the food web – the amount of algae and their toxins must be monitored 11.6.2014
A peculiar optical phenomenon, a turquoise glow of the sea in late summer nights, has increasingly raised the attention of residents, vacationers and... (SYKE)
Algae prognosis: considerable risk of blue-green algal blooms in some of Finland's sea areas 6.6.2014
According to the algae prognosis from the Finnish Environment Institute’s Marine Research Centre, the risk of blue-green algal blooms is moderate in... (SYKE)
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Other Baltic Sea News

More pollution load data ready from Russian part of the Baltic Sea catchment (HELCOM) 29.8.2014
Network of Baltic protected areas expected to grow in Russia (HELCOM) 21.8.2014
Baltic still one of the most polluted sea areas regarding radioactive contamination (HELCOM) 15.5.2014
Seeking further solutions for less nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea (HELCOM) 15.5.2014
Studies on urban waste water show that common painkiller pollutes the Baltic Sea (HELCOM) 20.3.2014
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Other Baltic Sea News archive


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