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Research vessels Aranda and Muikku


The research vessel Aranda mainly works in the Baltic Sea, but it has also been on several research voyages in the Arctic Ocean and the seas around Antarctica. The studies conducted on Aranda contribute to Finnish and international marine research and monitoring. Many of these studies help Finland to meet its obligations under international agreements.

Aranda is a state-of-the-art research vessel equipped for icy conditions, which can be used all year round to conduct marine research.  The present Aranda, launched in Helsinki in 1989, is the third research vessel to have this name, and the fourth vessel to be used for marine research in Finland. Aranda is based in Helsinki and owned by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). 

The research vessel Muikku is used for studies that produce detailed information about the state of the marine environment, especially in coastal waters in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea. The vessel is fitted with a wide range of sampling equipment and devices for measuring the characteristics of water (including a fluorometer and a CTD probe), which record observations as Muikku sails. Since January 2010 Muikku has also been owned by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). 


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